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A System for Every Roof

EPDM (Rubber)

  • Fully Adhered
  • Ballasted
  • Mechanically Attached

The workhorse of the single-ply roofs - EPDM Single-ply
Lightweight, synthetic elastomer material used for roofing since the early 1970's. EPDM's properties of resilience, tensile strength, elongation, resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light and ponding water make an excellent roofing material. EPDM membranes are also available in fleece back, which can be installed in hot asphalt or low rise adhesive.

  • EPDM's economical cost and minimum maintenance and repair make it the best value in the industry.
  • UL and FM approved systems available
  • Superior elongation adapts to temperature extremes
  • The strongest Single Source warranty in the industry

Thermoplastics (PVC and TPO)

Lightweight, reinforced, highly effective, light colored membrane used for roofing since the early 1970's. Thermoplastics are highly resistant to chemical atmospheres, ozone, ultraviolet light, tears and extreme weather conditions. Thermoplastic membranes exhibit excellent fire resistance and seam strength due to heat welding.

  • Reinforced membrane offers excellent tear resistance
  • Excellent resistance to oils, most chemicals and other pollutants
  • UL and FM approved systems available

Retrofit Over Metal

With a variety of attachment methods, Arrow's Metal Retrofit System can be configured to most metal rood designs and meets national, state and local building codes.

  • Eliminates panel replacement
  • Meets FM I-60 and I-90 ratings
  • The insulation provides additional R-value to the building, ultimately reducing energy costs.
  • A variety of single-ply roof systems can be used to meet your building and budget conditions
  • Provides a long-term solution while adding minimum weight to the existing metal roof

Acrylic Roof System

A special formulation of non-toxic, water-based acrylics that cures and forms a continuous elastometric membrane. Together with the proper treatment to the seams and fasteners, Arrow's acrylic roof system provides an excellent solution to restore metal roofs.

  • Superb adhesive and elongation
  • Withstands ultraviolet light, temperature extremes, mildew and normal foot traffic
  • Adheres to most building substrates
  • Supplied in white and beige; special colors upon request
  • System can be applied by brush, sprayer or roller
  • Single source warranties available on materials and labor
  • UL and FM approved systems available; VOC compliant

Coating Systems

Various materials used for roof surfacing, maintenance or repair, weatherability, reflectivity, ultraviolet light protection or aesthetics to enhance the performance or weather-tight integrity of the installed roof system.

  • Special formulation for EPDM single-ply roofs (available in white/aluminum)
  • Aluminum roof coatings provide a highly sun-reflective finish for modified, asphalt BUR and metal roofs
  • Wet surface coating & cements available for use on damp or dry roof surfaces
  • Meets or exceeds liquid coating ASTM standard specifications
  • Material and labor warranties available

Metal Roof, Siding and Mansard Systems

Concealed panel system provides versatility, durability and aesthetic appeal

  • Industrial and Architectural applications
  • The concealed fastener panel offers limited panel penetration and practically eliminated fastner corrosion
  • A variety of designs and colors
  • Retrofit systems available ideally suited to meet most structural designs
  • Matching siding and mansard system designed to meet most building applications
  • Manufacturer's and single source warranties available

Steep Slope Systems

  • Shingles - Standard or dimensional asphalt, metal or synthetic shingles for commercial applications
  • Slate - Multi-colored custom-cut stone for historic, weathered or rustic appearance
  • Tile - Multi-shaped, multi-colored, custom sized natural materials for aesthetic appeal
  • Metal - Architectural and structural metal panel roof systems utilizing galvanized steel or aluminum. Custom colors and finished coatings are available for commercial application. This system offers long-term weatherability, low maintenance and aesthetic value
  • Wood Shakes - Made from wood that is split from a block of cedar for aesthetic appeal.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

Multiple layers of felts, fabrics or mats saturated with bitumen installed rooftop in alternating solid mappings of hot bitumen (asphalt or coal tar) or cold adhesives. These roof systems can be surfaced with gravel, mineral cap sheets or smooth weather resistant coatings. BUR's multiple layer construction is ideal for resisting mechanical damage.

Modified Bitumen

Polymer modified bitumen sheet membranes (SBS styrene, butadine styrene and APP atactic polypropylene) have been used for roofing since 1975. They are composed of either asphalt reinforced with polyester or fiberglass and, in some cases, with factory-applied surfacing. The membranes are installed typically in multiple layers using hot bitumen, torch applied or cold adhesive. These membranes are resistant to heavy traffic, puncture and tears.

Spray Polyurethane Foam

Sprayed Polyurathane Foam (SPF) roofing is a 21st century state of athe art roofing system that has been used successfully for over 35 years. No matter what the shape of the roof is, this seamless roofing system will stop and prevent all leaks and provide a high R-value insulation as well.

SPF Roofing systems are seamless, lightweight, self-flashing, tested and approved by U.L., water resistan and they reduce energy costs when applied with an Energy Star certified reflective coating.

A Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roof will give you a durable, waterproof roof and will ensure long-term performance, practically eliminating future maintenance.

Chemically Stable

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam must be protected from sunlight by a UV resistance elatomeric coating, which is odorless, mildew and fungi resistant and has no nutritive value.

Minimizes Thermal Shock

Because an SPF Roofing System is seamless, covered by a UV resistant coating, and has a high R-value, it reduces the thermal shock a building is subjected to because of changing temperatures.


Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is strong, yet light weight, and will not sag.

Easy to Maintain

A caulking gun and a tube of silicon is all that is needed for repairs.


The characteristics of an SPF Roofing System allow it to withstand the normal expansion and contraction of a building while maintaining it protection.

Easy Application

The roofing system can be applied in a short period of time without interrupting a company's operations.